Monthly licence fee

I’m fast becoming a fan of the Omni offering and see it can enhance how I work. I wonder, could Omni offer the same licensing model for the software as Adobe CC do. I’d happily pay a monthly fee for access to the full suite of programs across all devices. Is that possible/probable?

I hope not. Software rental is absurd and is one of the reasons I stopped using Adobe products.


It works well for me. The Adobe model gives me access to their full set of software rather than having to make a decision on purchasing the ones that I can justify buying. It enables me to undertake tasks I wouldn’t normally and expand my skillset. I can see it being financially beneficial to Omni adoting this model as well as increasing the adoption of their excellent offerings. I think it also encourages continual product development.

I’d be interested in a monthly fee for access to Omni software, especially if it included iOS versions.

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