Monthly Repeating Tasks

I’ve recently started using OmniFocus and finding it super powerful, and as I use it, I’m obviously thinking about more and more things that can be added as repeating task so that I can just forget about them until they appear.

One of these tasks is to get my company finances prepped for my accountant to do my VAT return, which is due every 3 months.

I’ve set the task up to be deferred until Feb 1st, 2020 as that is the first day that I can start working on it, with a due date as the end of the month, as that is the latest my accountant can get all the information. My problem is, however, that when I go to make this a repeating task, I can select the ‘last day’ setting within the repeating calendar, but then the defer day is off. Take a look at the screenshot to see what I mean…

Is there a way to force the defer day to be the first of the month and the due to be the last?

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