More Templates Available?

sorry if i can’t find it, but is there a site or place where you can get more templates, where people are sharing theirs with others?

Would like to know the answer to this as well. Also if it is in a format that can be imported into the iPad version.

Me too, love OO4, and would be great if i can find more templates online [quote=“kplmin, post:1, topic:6320, full:true”]

I got this a few weeks ago from Omni!

what is this?

A spammer posted a reply to the thread. Their account has been deleted, and I edited your post to remove the quoted material linking back to their post.

Sorry for the trouble this caused!

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I’ve tweaked this Weekly Review checklist for years. It contains the maximum amount of items I review, although familiarity and practice allow me to get through it rather quickly. I started with items from a list Curt Clifton once shared. I then added triggers from David Allen’s book, and some items from Tim Challies and Michael Hyatt.

Checklist - Weekly Review

Here are some other files I use:
Project planning trigger list (from David Allen)
Checklist - Classroom and Lesson
Checklist - Prayer Plan (from John Piper


Thank you for sharing!