Move Data to a New Computer

I am moving from a 2018 Mac mini to a new Mac Studio. How can I move my projects from the Mini to the Studio?

Note that the Mini is not on any network but is available, so I need to use sneaker net for this, if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Ok, so I solved my problem. In the folder Backups found at: ~/Library/Containers/OmniFocus/Data/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/Backups

I was able to find a document that had my projects as of my last update. I copied that to a thumb drive, moved it to the new Studio, and doubled clicked the backup file. This launched OminFocus and asked if I wanted to replace the current projects with those in the backup. And that did the trick.

  1. Connect your old computer to the internet using a cable modem or DSL router.

  2. Download the software that came with your new computer onto your old computer.

  3. Install the software on your new computer.

  4. Log into your email account on your new computer. If you don’t have an email account, create one now.

  5. Transfer any files you want from your old computer to your new computer.

  6. Delete any unnecessary files on your old computer.

check this number


Thank you for your reply. As you can see I’ve updated my original post to note that I had resolved the issue.

Stay well.

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