Move due actions to inbox

Hello all

Is there a way to automagically move due actions to the inbox?

Thank you for your answer in advance.



Normally you would rather move actions in the opposite direction to keep the inbox clear. What’s wrong with using the forecast view to see your due actions?

I can only guess that you may want to move a group of tasks to the inbox so that you have it all in one view? Perhaps you can flag a group of tasks and then visit the flagged perspective? The flagged perspective will show all of your flagged/chosen tasks and you can work on those tasks.

I would only use the inbox as a temporary storage area when I am capturing ideas and don’t have time to assign a project and context to it.

Hello Jan and Wilsonng

Thank you very much for your answers.

You are telling me how I should work with OmniFocus. That’s ok, you can do this.

I on the other hand would like to have an answer to my question :-)

I worked with Things for quite a long time and they had a “Today”-folder, where all the due actions went to …

So the Inbox in OmniFocus folder is my equivalent for the “Today”-folder in Things.

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Hello ramsballa, I didn’t mean to offend you, I just didn’t understand why you would like to gather things in your inbox rather than moving unsorted tasks away from it. I tried to answer your question by mentioning the forecast view. You can see its button in the sidebar to the left. If the sidebar isn’t there, you could show it in the menu View: Show Sidebar. If there are any due tasks, the forecast button will show a red line to the left. The forecast view shows all your due and due soon (customizable) tasks automatically - you don’t have to do anything. I thought that was what you were looking for.

And by the way, it isn’t possible to configure the inbox to work the way you asked for, the inbox isn’t meant for that.

Thank you Jan, you didn’t offend me.
Thank you for your answer …

I tend to think of “today” by looking at flagged tasks perspective. I also look at the Forecast to look at Past Due and Due Today tasks.

Or if I have the pro upgrade, I create a today perspective that shows all due or flagged.

It’s just a different workflow that isn’t as drag-and-drop like Things is.

Hi @ramsballa

I think clicking on today in the Forecast perspective’s sidebar calendar should give you the view you’re looking for. This video on our website has more info about using Forecast:

To answer your question, the only way I’m aware of to move items back into the Inbox is to remove their assigned projects/contexts (depending on your Clean Up setting), so depending on your workflow, that may not be very useful for you.

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That’s not what the Inbox is for.

Different app, differebt paradigm.

The equivalence you are looking for is not on folders (Inbox ir any other), but on perspectives in OmniFocus.

That said, you can either try Forecast, a built-in perspective, or look into creating your own.

Good luck ;-)