Move Settings to new Mac

Hi guys,

I just reinstalled OmniFocus on a new mac and thanks to the sync with my private webdav the tasks are all back.

But my settings and perspectives are not (why those aren’t simply synced too is beyond me) - I still have the backup of the old drive of course, any clues what I need to copy to get everything back?


Hi there! I’m sorry for the trouble with your settings. OmniFocus does indeed sync some settings between devices, but not all of them - some folks really like different setups on different Macs, and so we leave some settings unsynced to avoid disrupting those workflows.

I’m surprised, though, that your perspectives didn’t come along for the ride. Those should be available to you on any copy of OmniFocus Pro that you have syncing. Could you check if you’ve unlocked the Pro upgrade in this new install? The About OmniFocus menu item will include a purple badge if you have. If not, it should be straightforward to get you up and running again - feel free to contact our support team for detailed instructions. They can help you restore specific settings from your backup as well!