Move task to “New Project”?

So I have a “Tasks” project. However often one of those tasks turns into multiple. Is it possible to easily move a task from one list to a new list?

You can convert any action into a project by pressing ⇧⌘1 or using Edit > Convert to Project.

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Yea but then I lose the task. Often I find that what I thought was a single task was really the first or second step of a many step process. So I need a new project but I don’t want to lose my task.

Ah, yes, I see.

You could use the Edit > Group (⌥⌘G) command with one or more actions selected, which will create an action group in the ‘Tasks’ project. After you title the project, with it selected you could use the Edit > Outdent (⇧⌘[) and make it a project. These commands also respond to ‘old-style’ commands so you can group using G (not lowercase, so effectively ⇧g) and outdent using l (L for left; lowercase this time, not uppercase), which may be quicker for you.

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