Moving a task to the Inbox doesn't remove tags on that task. Am I missing something?

Dragging a task to the Inbox on macOS removes tags on that task. Doing the same thing on iOS doesn’t remove tags from the task. And because I have Clean up Inbox items which have set to A Tag, it immediately gets removed from the Inbox and gets put back where I dragged it from.

Am I missing something or is this difference between the two platforms intentional?

I’ve tested this just now, and on both the mac and iOS dragging a tasked into the inbox does not remove the tags. For me that is expected behaviour.

The only change I would expect to see is the change in project (from “has one” to “none”)

Not for me. I would hate that actually. I expect any tags I set to stay when I move it from one project to another or from one place into the inbox.

FWIW I set only clean up inbox when both project and tags are set to be sure things don’t go missing when I am processing until I am fully done.

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