Moving actions between tags?

I’m searching for an easy way to move actions. I have a number of tag “families” that are exclusive. For example, Urgency consists of “Urgent and Important”, “Urgent”, “Important”, and “Whenever”. I also have GTD-type contexts like Location. Is there an easy UI way to move actions between tags? I can drag&drop an action to add a tag, but I can’t find a way to easily move the action between exclusive tags (ie, children of the same parent tag). Dragging and dropping with the shift, control, and option keys down still adds the tag. Can’t find anything online either.

Right now, the only way I can figure to do this is to add the new tag, then doubleclick the action’s old tag in the view, then hit delete. That is a lot of keystrokes, and it’s also error-prone. I have occasionally deleted the entire action by accident and there’s no visual feedback.


Mark Ackerman


I have exactly the the same use case and issue. I have filed a feature request with Omni by email. I recommend you do the same.

fwiw, for those who see this later, it is much safer to delete a tag in the inspector, because you cannot accidentally delete the action when you do so. (There is a separate box for tags in the inspector.) You can also change multiple actions’ tags using the inspector.

I am filing a feature request on this.

I usually just multi-select the actions and the edit the tag field by adding the new tag and removing the old.

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