Moving an object attached to a line such that the line is horizontal?

I have a line with a midpoint in it. From the midpoint to an object attached at the end of the line, I want the line to be horizontal. If I manually set the end of the line, I can just hold shift to get a horizontal line. However, when I attach it to the object, it no longer points horizontal. What I would like is to have the attached object be moved such that the line is straight. I know I can manually look up the position of the midpoint and appropriately set the position accordingly, but a more automatic solution would be nice if one is available. Thank you!

After searching for a while before hand, I immediately find a solution after posting. Though this isn’t technically the answer to the question I had, it works in my case. You can first position the object, then drag the midpoint and hold shift so that the midpoint will make the line horizontal. Again, not quite the same as what I asked, but close enough.

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