Moving from task to task with up/down arrows – text wrap

Heya! A few searches haven’t panned out for this, so I’ll ask: is there any way to control OmniFocus’ handling of text wrapping? Or enable the down arrow to jump past a text-wrapped task? (Say that last phrase ten times fast!)

The issue: I’m using a custom columns setup most of the time, and it really helps to down-arrow through my tasks to update contexts/projects/defer dates/durations. The trick is, a lot of my tasks are really declarative, and so I’ll often have multi-line tasks. The trouble is that when I tap the down-arrow in any other column in a multi-line task, the focus automatically goes to the end of that multi-line task title instead of to the next task in the respective column.

It isn’t a brutal problem; tapping down again until you get past the multi-line task title will eventually bring you to the appropriate column on the next task. Still, it is a bit disruptive and forces me to reach for the mouse or trackpad more often than I’d like.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Bumping this as I’ve noticed a more problematic behaviour…

Moving up through tasks with the up arrow on a given column gets completely sidetracked if you have a word-wrapped task. The focus moves from, say, the Project column into the Task column, and then stays in the task column as you keep tapping up.

Odd that this is different from the behaviour for tapping the down arrow, in which the focus will jump to the word-wrapped task and then back to the columns.

Am I missing something? Am I the only person who uses full sentences to describe tasks? ;_;

Hi Ryan, sorry for the inconvenience this has caused! It looks like we have two open requests to ensure that the cursor remains trained on the current/active column when using the up/down arrows to navigate between items with longer multi-line titles. If you could please drop us a quick email at, we’ll officially add your +1 and your report to those items in our development database.

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