Moving objects to another layer

I know how to drag an object from one layer to another. If - should say when - the number of objects gets a little high, sometimes scrolling or dragging takes a while.

There is a menu item under Edit -> Layers -> Move Selection to Layer but I can’t seem to cause it to activate. I checked the help and I think I am doing correctly. On one unlocked layer, I select the object(s) I want to move. I click on “Edit”, then “Layers” but the option is not enabled.

What am I doing wrong?



I suppose that you miss one step: After the objects are selected, I select the layer where I want the selected objects. Then Edit -> Layers -> Move Selection to Layer is enabled and after selecting this menu item, the objects are moved to the selected layer.
Hope this helps

That makes sense. Would it be possible to expand the help file on that item? Select the objects to move, select the destination layer, then Edit > Layers > Move Selected? I didn’t understand the objects and new layer could be selected at the same time without changing the active layer.