Moving OmniFocus 2 data to OmniFocus 3 without syncing

So, I only use OmniFocus on my iPhone, and never, ever sync.

Today, I downloaded (and immediately purchased Pro) OmniFocus 3. Then spent the next hour staring at the four “Getting to know OmniFocus” tasks because none of my OmniFocus 2 data was brought over!

After poking in every menu, help screen, and doing a few searches, I finally remembered OmniFocus exposes its documents through iTunes.

I plugged in my iPhone, and copied OmniFocus.ofocus from the OmniFocus 2 Documents to the OmniFocus 3 Documents folder. Seems fine, and in hindsight, fairly effortless.

But is this the “official” way?

And am I missing something staring me in the face that guides non-syncing upgraders on how to move their data?


Clever! I imagine that, or through the Files app, is the ‘way’.

It does look like it, doesn’t it.

I’m just amazed my use case seems to be regarded as somewhat unique. There are many people (perhaps even the majority of the 60 million per quarter iPhone buyers?) who only have one device and would have not synced in the past.

While I do have an iPad, and a Mac, and have in the past worked with OmniFocus databases across the devices, these days I just keep OmniFocus on the iPhone. Even if I’m sitting at the Mac, I’ll just whip out the iPhone if I want to add or review something.

I feel at the very least, this “well if you really want to be a weirdo and never sync” method should be documented.

(And if it is, my apologies, but it is very hard to find for a new OF2 -> OF3 upgrader.)