'Moving' paste/insert changes layer

Occasionally, I will be cutting and pasting from Preview into OG to input the drawing I am tracing. Sometimes, I forget the layer I select to edit is set to Invisible. OG allows me to select it to draw, but when I paste, the drawing gets added to the last layer I had selected. So two questions:

  • If I can’t edit anything in either an Invisible layer, why allow me to set it as Edit and the image by the layer shows I can edit (not pen with line through it)?

  • How come I can’t add something to an Invisible layer? It’s not locked and I have selected it so I obviously want to go there.

On another point, if I start adding objects and forget all my layers are locked, how come the default it to create a new layer to start adding things? No warning or anything that I do not have an active layer.