Moving projects to folders based on name using JXA

Hi folks,

Short Version: What’s the syntax for moving a project into a folder in JXA?

Background: I have to do a lot of one type of project, and I keep them all in a folder. When I receive new assignments, I use the quick entry window to create the projects, but i dont want to type in the whole folder path, so they end up on the top hierarchical level of my omnifocus document. I want to write some JXA that says "if this word is in the title of the project and the container of the project is ‘Omnifocus’, move the project to this folder.

I’m using Brandon Pittman’s JXA library for OmniFocus, which is incredibly helpful, and I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve narrowed down my array of projects to just the ones I want to move, but I don’t know how to go the last step. I’ve seen examples of the syntax in Applescript, but a JXA example would be great. Any help would be much appreciated.