Moving projects up and down in the project view

I’m trying to move projects up and down in the project view with Control + Command + Up, but it doesn’t do anything. It says: “Release Key” as an overlay. See my screenshot:

Should I modify the keyboard shortcut to move projects up and down in the Projects perspective?


I don’t understand your screen shot.

That looks like some 3rd party software you may be running which has taken over the shortcut? I have no problem using control-command-up or down arrow to move products or tasks up and down, so I suspect you have a key combination conflict.


CatOne, thank you. SizeUp had a keyboard shortcut that conflicted with the OmniFocus shortcut. I can now move projects up and down. Super. Ty :)

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While no text fields are active, it could also be convenient to use the following single key commands for moving tasks:
u - up
d - down
r - right
l - left


Jan_H, this is sooo good. thank you very much! Btw, those shortcuts are not mentioned in the keyboard commands screen.

Thanks :)

Glad you like tem - I do, too. They were mentioned in a shortcut document for Omnifocus 1, and last year I asked The Omni Group to include them in the keyboard commands screen for Omnifocus 2. They told me they will do so in the next major revisions to their help documents.

There is also the handy e for editing a task’s name - and that’s not even mentioned in the Omnifocus 1 document.

They should! I use Projects as a backlog (agile style) so moving projects up and down is mission critical. I enjoy the added benefit of making tasks inside a project a project by simple clicking on the ‘l’ key. By accident I noticed that the ‘e’ is used for edit. Very helpful as well :)

They should add these shortcuts on a website / page rather then a PDF, easier to maintain.

Thanks again.