Multi person action tag completion

Hi let’s say I have a task that 2 people need to complete.
The action task is “proofread project paper”
and I tag it “Steve” and “Ben”
I’ve proofread the paper but Ben hasn’t
can I mark the task complete for myself and have it still incomplete?
then when he proofreads the paper I can mark his part complete.

I’m the only one using focus but some of my tasks also need to be completed by others.

OmniFocus is only designed to handle your personal tasks, so it’s a good idea to frame everything you enter into it from your perspective. To me it sounds like one of your actions is “Proofread Project Paper” and the other is “Get feedback from Ben on Project Paper”. You could group these two actions into an action group about collating feedback for the paper, or you could leave them at the top level of your project—but I wouldn’t try to combine them into one and track partial completion.

Just learning OF here so please pardon my ignorance.

If you created a tag “Proofread” and had two sub-tags - “Proofread:Steve” and “Proofread:Ben” - then created an check-off for each of those three tags, would the main tag “Proofread” get marked off automatically when both Ben and Steve completed their part?

You’d be creating actions rather than tags, but yes, you could do this. You’d want to check the option to “Complete with last action” in the inspector for the main “Proofread” action.


Thank you

I have tags for people with whom I interact or collaborate regularly, and have, on occasion taken the tack of an action like:

Review product with others for their feedback

… and tagging it with the people whose feedback I need. As each reviews it, I remove their tag. When no tags remain, it’s done.

For self-instruction, I’ll also list the people in notes, and the rules above (so that I remember how to mark the action complete).



I might create two additional tags: blocked:steve and blocked:ben (or delegated:steve and delegated:ben). then remove those tags when each person completes their proofreading.

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