Musician.....using omnifocus to track practice sessions

I am a music teacher / musician and I would like to use Omnifocus to track and organize my practice sessions. This several hours a day and a range if topics. On paper, I break I have main sections: Scales, Technique, Vocabulary, Musicianship, Repertoire. From there, I break it down even further. For example, Musicianship would include theory, ear training, rhythm drills, and sight reading. What would be the best way for me to use Omnifocus for this? I also installed Trello and Evernote. Any suggestions?

Hey! I use OF to see what I should practice as well.
I plan what to do in OF and store reference material in EN.

In EN I copy the notelink and paste it into the OF task notefield.

You can sort omnifocus in many ways, but what I like to do is first to gather all guitarrelated projects in a folder and having one project per “area of focus”. I set each project to sequential so that I’m not overwhelmed with task. I will then only see the first task in each project and thats what I’ll practice in my current session.

Arpeggio Outlining [Jazz tune]

  • 1st to 5th fret
  • 3rd to 7th fret
  • etc

Sightread [Book]

  • Page 1-3
  • Page 4-5
  • Page 6-8
    (Or bars if it suits you better)

Comp guitar [Song]

  • C
  • F
  • Bb
  • Eb
  • Ab
  • Db
  • F#
  • B
  • etc.

Songs to transcribe

  • Georgia
  • Take the A Train
  • Giant steps
  • etc. (Link to song in task notefield - youtube/spotify/applemusic)

If a task takes a long time I’ll set it to repeating and and delete it when I’m done to reveal the next task.

I’m a geek so I use keyboard maestro to create shortcuts to quickly switch between available and remaining.

For each session of practice I record a video of my results and save it to dropbox folder called “Practicelog”


Awesome. Thanks for the info. I will try that. Is there a way to keep track of time? I thought of putting it In Estimated Duration, but that is kind of hidden in there and the action disappeared after I marked it complete…

I’m using airtable for tracking piano practice. (Second post about airtable today. I guess I’m becoming an evangelist. :p) In any case I think it’s better suited than OF.

Can you tell was EN stands in your post?. Could you provide a screen snapshot of what your practise schedule looks like in OF?

Thank you