My 5, Feature request for OG

  1. I work on documents with many canvases. i don’t really need to see a tiny representation of the canvas. It would be very nice if we could disable showing the canvas/layer icons as this would save space in the left pane. Something along the lines of:

Two. It would be nice if the color names in OG could be made consistent. For example,
you select Tungsten you get Gabbro, you can select White which is the same as Chalk. Obsidian is the same as black. Soapstone is the same as Silver. etc. Why these confusing duplications of colors?

Three. Some of us make mock ups of web designs in OG. It would be great if you could add “inner shadow” to the available shadow options.

Four. On the same idea, it would be great to have more control over the placement of stops in gradients.

Five. Also, for those of us modeling web sites, it would be very convenient for the color picker to show the hex notation for colors we choose. ie. #888ABC. In fact while I’m thinking about it, I think the whole color picker needs to be overhauled.