My Perspectives on Mac are no longer available on my iPhone

Prior to 2.4, I had the option to select all my perspectives to be shortcuts on the main page of the iPhone app. Now I can only select from a list of 5, and many of the perspectives that I use daily are not listed for selecting on the iPhone app, but of course remain intact on the mac app.

Also, is anyone else getting the strange grey cube on loading ?

I sometimes get this freeze on my iPad 2.

I usually quit the iPhone app and tap on it again to reload. Not sure if it corrupts any data but so far I haven’t had any issues.

You can double-click the Home button and swipe OmniFocus 2 for iPhone upwards to quit the app. Then launch OF2 again.

OF2 for iPhone does not let you use planning perspectives. These are the ones that have the perspective settings:

Project Hierarchy: Use Project Hierarchy

Perspectives that are set to “Don’t use Project Hierarchy” will transfer over to the iPhone.

Maybe deleting OF2 for iPhone and re-installing might be a drastic measure to restore your perspectives?

Hi there,
I did remove the app and reinstall to no success. You mentioned that iPhone app doesn’t let you use planning perspectives, but it did until yesterday’s update. I used my perspective named plan every day on my iPhone. When I did the update it was gone, and it is no longer an option to select it in to the shortcuts.

thanks for your reply

I’ve never had planning perspectives on my iPhone. They are only available on the iPad and Mac apps.

Currently only context-based perspectives can be added in OmniFocus for iPhone. Custom project-based perspectives are not synced at this time (but watch this space).[/quote]

These are contexts with Project Hierarchy set to : “Don’t use Project Hierarchy.”

Check your perspective settings on your iPad or Mac.

same here. happens after the update

same here after the last update.

I removed 2.4, reinstalled 2.3, and voila Perspectives (Context, Due, and Flagged) are back … (Iphone 5s ios 8.1)
…and one new “Changed”