My rituals and perspectives

I am having difficulty with set up.
goal : have my morning rituals in a custom perspective that with one touch my list shows for me to check off each day,
then repopulates after completed / or not, on the following day.

I started just checking my rituals looking at forecast perspective and checking from there.
Then made a custom perspective but the info disappears and I have go back and reset perspective.(settings not sticking)
how would you set this up?

Hi, a simple way of achieving what I think you mean is to have a recurring task with each ritual listed in the notes field. If that task is flagged it will show up in the Flagged and Forecast perspectives. Then when you are finished with the rituals, whether you complete all of them or not, you check off the task. The task will reappear the next day if set to repeat daily.

Alternatively, you could set up a recurring project with the Type set to either parallel or sequential depending whether you want all the task to be available at once or not. If the project is set to complete when completing the last action then it will reappear once all the tasks have been checked off. The downside with this is you will have to check off every task.

I hope I understood you right.

I have a folder named Rituals under that I have project (single acton)Morning Rituals within a list of items to check off every morning (defer 6 am,due by 10 am)
in the focus view I can see them but along with other things. I want to create a custom perspective to see only morning rituals. it worked once but them disappeared and required reseting.

Why not focus on the Morning Rituals project rather than the folder? Then you shouldn’t see anything else.

the folder has all of my rituals; morning, daily, evening. each having a single action list. if it is in a folder, or not. it should not change my settings in the custom perspectives. (i would think) I gave my custom perspective an Icon on my perspective list and to look for my morning ritual list. I would like just to touch the icon (on the phone) and see my list.

Sorry, I’m a little confused.

You said your goal is to see your morning rituals in a custom perspective so you could touch the the icon to see the list. Your current perspective shows other things as well (because it focuses on a folder which contains morning as well as rituals) so you later said that you want to create a custom perspective to see only morning rituals.

As the morning rituals are in a single action list then you should create a new perspective that focuses on this single action list

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I think it is a bug, I have a message into support. Under focus in the custom perspective,blanks are grenerated that changes the custom perspective after I delete the blank the info shows up. The new omnifocus is comming out soon I can wait for that.