Native kanban layout for perspectives on Mac

There are many threads where this is mentioned and has some likes in each.

This is a feature request for a kanban layout in perspectives for Mac.
the point is to be able to see on a single window something like this:

the idea is to list contexts horizontally while using the perspective’s setup to filter only tasks needed to display. why so?
because if I have a perspective displaying a lot of data, and use due dates or other information inside the task space to sort it, and group it by context, I need to go up and down a list.
Kanban view is not just more intuitive, it is less confusing.
If we use multiple contexts in the near future, this will be even more important as we could need sorting by context on vertical and horizontal axis at the same time.


I can think of creating multiple contexts to represent Kanban states. Then use multiple tabs in OmniFocus instead of multiple windows to keep track of different phases. Hmmm… now I’ll need an Applescript to automatically create those tabs every day.

I do wish for kanban in OmniFocus. Perhaps OmniFocus 3.5? 🙏 Send your feature request to to upvote this!

Yes the feature is available with tweaks to OF2 pro (which I have) and window tidy, but it should not be so difficult given the power of OF in other domains.

This feature could be made just by making OF able to display multiple tabs side by side instead of one at a time