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Hi guys,

Sometimes I am working whitin a perspective or project, focused, setup to see just what I need to see to get the job done, and I get some interruption (these things happen) which makes me to quickly check another related action or project (not within my current focused view): So I have to leave my ‘focused view’ and navigate in OF to other project or action, do some 2 min action and come back to where I was.

The thing is, I would love to be able to navigate back without the several clicks needed to do ‘build’ the view I was looking at again ( I mean selecting and focusing on the project, then selecting the perspective (fagged, for instance) etc. Not all daily views can be custom perspectives.

Since we do not have, as far as a I know, a button to navigate back to the previous view in one click, ¿anyone has a streamlined no brainer workaround to do this in less than 3 clicks?

thanks a lot

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When you need to check another relater action or project you could:

  • Open a new window or tab
  • Check what you need
  • Close that window or tab

Then you have your focused view untouched.
I hope that helps

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It certainly does! I was not aware of this functionality, despite having seen it in the perspectives creation screen. I also found out the shorcut in the manual, so I’m all set!

thanks again!

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Great! You’re welcome. I use that feature often.

I would also like to see that feature. For futher interest: Go to the previous view