Navigating to a project in Forecast

I have projects with due dates that appear in Forecast. How can I easily navigate to one of these projects to view its tasks? There is a little arrow that doesn’t seem to do anything special; it does the same thing as tapping the name of the project, which is to edit the project properties. I’d like a way to go directly to the project’s items. Seems like that arrow would be a natural choice.


One way is to go into one of the project’s actions in forecast and then tap the arrow in there to go to the full project.

True, I guess that works. I just get tripped up by that misleading grey right arrow. I naturally expect it to mean “go there.” Thanks for the hint.

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Alternatively, after selecting an action/task, you can just hit ⌥⌘R on your keyboard (View>Show in Projects)

I think you’re right about this. It’s not intuitive that you’re not taken to a list of tasks.
At least it would be nice if perhaps clicking the name of the project would take you to the project details and the arrow to the tasks (or reverse if prefered). It’s just a little annoying being ‘stuck’.