Need help w/ a custom perspective

Hi all,

This feels like it should be simple, but I can’t seem to do what I’m envisioning.

I have projects which include a tag for the quarter in which they need to be completed (e.g. #2020-Q1, #2020-Q2 and so on).

Tasks within the projects do not necessarily have the “quarterly” tag.

The Perspective I’d like to see would show all remaining tasks for projects tagged with some collection of quarters (like all for four quarters of 2020).

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

Matches search terms ”#2020-Q”?

You might consider including some distinct text in either the name of the project or the project’s note field that identifies the quarter associated with the project. You can then create a perspective that looks for this text.

Alternatively, you could move projects into folders corresponding to the quarter that they need to be completed and create custom perspectives that focus on those folders.

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With this technique of using a text search filter in the perspective, all those places for putting the text label identifier will work: in the project name, in the project notes, or as a tag on the project.

Personally I prefer using the project name, because if you add a tag to the project any new actions created later at the root of the project will automatically get that tag. I then have to remove the tag from those actions, because I like to keep things tidy (all the actions in the project have this tag or none).

This way, there’s a clear separation in my mind between special text markers for whole projects (used in special perspectives) and tags which are contexts/attributes for individual actions (standard functionality in all perspectives).

Thank you all for the replies! @Jan_H your suggestion of “#2020-Q” was a blinding glimpse of the obvious…and helped solve my problem…thank you!

@timstringer Yep…I already had my projects in a folder for each quarter, and I’ve put the #2020-Q1 / #2020-Q2 / #2020-Q3 / #2020-Q4 strings in the notes section, which works just as @MultiDim suggested.



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