Need input on small projects vs. larger projects

I’ve been an OF user for a few years and use it on a daily basis. I try to follow a GTD framework within OF. I find OF great for reminders (i.e. call plumber) and larger project management (i.e. planning a vacation), but where I need help is smaller projects with a quick completion.

A smaller project would be something with three to four tasks that I’d hope to complete in a week. It could be something like plan an anniversary date…not one task, but not as involved as planning a vacation.

Is the best way to handle a smaller project to do it just like a larger stand alone project? My issues with this are:

  1. Naming - do you just use a short name and then do a project statement as the first task
  2. Visibility - I’d like to be able to see all of the projects with a better view than just the side -bar.
  3. Seems hard to setup on iPad
  4. Clutter up the side-bar

I’ve also tried sub-tasks with limited success. I might just not understand the flow and proper setup on the sub-tasks.

I thought I’d see if anyone in this forum had any ideas on how to handle a smaller project.


Chris V.

1 - A short name is good. The project statement might go in the notes. So …

Fix Sink
Note - I have to get a plumber from XYZ at phone: 123-456-5555

  • call plumber
  • set appointment
  • confirm job is done right
  • get invoice
  • pay plumber

2 - Create a Folder for “Short Projects”. Create a Perspective that focuses only on that Folder. Or name your short projects with a telling prefix / suffix and set a Perspective that searches only for that term. I do the latter with single action Projects called for example @Admin> Teach, @Admin> Surrounding, @Admin> Finances …

3 - Yep. Can’t really suggest any shortcuts here. I hear however that creating and importing TaskPaper formats is the next best thing on the iPad to make macro-creation tasks as easy as on macOS.

4 - See #2 above.


Similar but different:

I decorate my project names. I have three catch all lists:


I then have a few other lists that are always around:


The visual distinction helps me browse the project list and project picker.

I also don’t use full Verb + Noun naming for all projects. Sometimes just a short name. I’m inconsistent here.

I actually use visibility as the determining factor: is this project important enough to clutter up my project sidebar/list? If not it is a task and sub task.