Nested lists: tasks listed above their list in Forecast View?

I have some parallel item lists nested inside a single action lists. When they’re displayed on my Mac, the parent list comes first (single action), then the sub-lists (parallel), and within each of these, the individual tasks (as you’d expect). When the tasks show up in the forecast view in the iOS app, the tasks are listed first and then the sub-list to which they belong is listed afterwards. All of them display this way. What am I doing wrong here? Is there a way to make these display properly? Thanks for your help!

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The Forecast view on the Mac will show the same order as the Forecast view on iOS.

Are you showing a specific Perspective view on the Mac instead of the Forecast view?

Since there are two options to have the tasks ordered, which view is “proper” in your mind?


Oh, you’re right–if I look at it in forecast on the Mac, it’s the same way. When I look at them from the default Projects perspective (which was the first screen capture in my post), they are ordered properly: Daily Ritual (single action list) with a sub-list Morning Ritual (parallel item list) and sub-tasks of that list following. Forecast View on both devices shows the individual tasks, and then the name of that list follows the task, which makes no sense to me. If nothing else, I’d like to get it to stop showing that heading at all, I guess, because having a heading below its list of tasks is not useful.

Currently, the Forecast view tries to show you what should be coming up next on your schedule. It lists the sub-actions first based on the logic that all of these individual tasks need to be finished before the parent item can be completed. We do however have an open request in our development database to add options for grouping and rearranging items in the Forecast view.

If you write to us at with what you’d like to see we make sure your thoughts get filed, so they can be considered as we plan future releases!

Thank you!

I’m emailing now to voice my support but one of the things that makes forecast less useful to me is: I’ll have is a big project with lots of sub tasks, tightly organized and detailed…but then forecast shows them in reverse order, with action group headings visible and it looks like my tight organization has just been thrown on the floor.

I’d love for the structure to be visible, or restrict it to just showing me the “leaves” and not the “branches” of the structure, but just putting them in order might be the best way.

I just wanted to check and see if there had been any update. I also would find this useful to have

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I just emailed to add to the chorus in hoping OF devs can implement correctly ordered subtasks. I am glad I finally found this post. Though it helped me understand why the subtask display appears turned upside down for nested subtasks, it is still jarring to use in practice. I truly hope this will display quirk can be corrected to display nested subtasks in order soon.

Is this feature anywhere on the roadmap for OF 3 this quarter?

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+1 for this being on the roadmap for either OF2 or OF3

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I would also like to see this feature!