New canvas does not inherit units

Why does a new canvas have different units that other canvases in my document?

I’m using a template with 2 canvases. Both have pixels set as ruler units. When I add a canvas it has inches. Where can I set it to be the same as the other canvases?

I just tried in two of my documents and each time the new canvas had the same units as the other canvas in the document.

What version MacOS and OG are you using?

This is a bug that should have been fixed in the 7.13 release.

Omnigraffle 7.12.1 (v198.5.0)
MacOS 10.15.2

You probably need to upgrade to 7.15. They fixed a lot of things and added quite a bit of functionality (esp WRT Visio).

Thanks! The most recent update did the trick.