New comer, help me transition my life's work to OL :)

HI all …
I’m in the process of switching to MacOS from MS Windows. Over the years, I have had my work knowledge captured using a Windows app outliner that user SQLite at its core. The DB file over the years has grown to near 500 MB.
I’m looking for MacOS replacement solution. OL seems to do the job, however, I could not find the answers to these questions.

  1. How large an OL file is allowed to grow? Is data compressed in the file? Is a 500MB file too large?
  2. My current solution allows me to export data using files/directories. Can OL import a directory structure?
  3. Does OL have a browser extension to capture web pages in full page or article format?
  4. Does OL index contents for search-as-you-type speed? Does it highlight search results? Does it allow phrase searches?


Welcome to Mac OS! I don’t know if Omnioutliner can handle such a large file, but you might get some answers by downloading the 14 day trial version. It’s probably best to try the existing version 4 for stability reasons, but do also try the test release of version 5 to see the excellent filtering feature.

What kind of data are you wanting to store? Have you looked at things like DevonThink or Evernote?

As others have said, download the trial and see how it works for you. I suspect you’re looking for something more like Evernote. You could usefully look at Outline and Alfons Schmid’s Notebooks as well

Thanks all.
I deal with dense proceduralized content where long and complicated procedures need to be broken down. So, ability to zoon in/out & order matters the most.
Content is 80% RTF & 20% HTML from web pages.

I’ve watched on the demo’s on the DevonThink channel and have been test-driving their office version. It is powerful, performing, and stable. However, outlining is not its primary focus. Everything I can do in DT, I can easily do in MS Outlook (rtf content, indexing, search, attachments, share, etc).

I also tried OL 4 & beta 5. It appears to be focused more on outlining individual single-purpose content vs. a personal info management system. I could not get most of the web pagers to paste as notes (kept disappearing).

I’ll try the other recommendations in the next few days.

Thanks again.