New here, what does Pro on iOS buy me?

Been wanting to try OmniFocus for a long time. About to buy it on iOS. But now I see the Pro flavor is an additional $20? What does that buy me?

What can’t I do with the regular iOS version?

I’m hoping for alerts and the ability to use it with Workflow.

Thanks in advance,

There is some info on this link:

I am not sure if this page covers everything in pro. For me, the custom perspectives and menu/sidebar is worth it, e.g. one tap access to specific projects.


If you are new to OmniFocus, the OmniFocus manuals for iOS and Mac is available here for you to download:

You can download versions in PDF or ePub. You can also view the online web version as well.

Yes, Custom Perspectives and custom menu/sidebar may not sound like a lot but it has been worth the cost of the Pro upgrade.

Alerts is a standard feature. I believe Workflow scriptability doesn’t require Pro.