New Notes features in El Capitan / iOS9 : new route in to Omnifocus?

I have just been looking at the new notes features in El Cap - it occurs to me that these now offer a potentially even better way than Reminders lists to get actions in to Omnifocus.

If I were typing meeting notes and used the checklist to capture actions, and Omnifocus could grab those as it does for Reminders that would be awesome.

Has that been considered?

humm, as long as the marvelous notes app keeps crashing I will not entrust it with anything ;-)… why make things harder than they are and not record your meeting notes in OmniOutliner? Import then is as easy as drag/drop.

That’s easy : I don’t own OmniOutliner :-)

haha, there you go, then… but still each text list basically becomes threaded task list (without indentation) when you simply copy/paste… and, if you esc out of the task focus in the quickentry window, you can even paste it there…

OK I’ll take a look around and see if it looks like it might work for me - would need to fit my intended workflow nicely to shell-out for a new set of apps though.
Definitely open to it if it nails it.

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Have been having a play around with the OmniOutliner demo - it’s definitely and impressive piece of software, I’m not sure that it offers me (I stress me) anything a text editor wouldn’t when it comes to capturing meeting minutes with a view to a slick, seamless way to get actions captured there in to Omnifocus with the least additional actions.

Ah ok I can see if you add columns for due date and duration it helps auto populate that, but then every time you paste it asks you confirm column mappings which is a bit annoying. Hmm.

Export your of db to plaintext- then you will have a better idea what could be potentially parsed how upon import. Concerning OO: honestly, to me OO is almost more essential than OmniFocus- it is as powerful and as minimalistic as you want it to be- with the limitation that added images cannot be resized.

I played with the OO demo - nothing for my use cases there I don’t think