New shortcuts activation - seriously?

OG7; changed a few shortcuts this morning to match what I am used to in other apps. Easy and quick with to do it seems with the “Keyboard shortcuts…” dialog. Though my changes never took until I decided to restart OG.

Seriously, I have to restart the tool to activate keyboard shortcuts?

Sorry for the trouble! I’m not able to reproduce that behavior here. What I am seeing is the ability to change both the shortcut set, or to change individual shortcuts inside of a set, and then I can use it without the need to reboot.

If you are using one of the earlier versions of OmniGraffle 7, please install a free update to OmniGraffle 7.5. We did fix some issues with keyboard shortcuts since the OmniGraffle 7 initial release. Feel free to email us by choosing Contact Omni under the Help menu if we can help further.


I am on OG7.5

If you are using the menu item Keyboard Shortcuts under the OmniGraffle menu to change the shortcuts, this behavior isn’t expected. Since you have the latest OmniGraffle, we’ve eliminated the easy differences that could explain the cause. When you have time to troubleshoot this further, reach out by any method of your choice at