New User - can I sort actions and auto due date them?

Hello All!

I just completed the trial of OmniFocus 2 and I wanted to know if its possible to do the following things within the software. For all of these questions, I have looked in preferences and ‘view’ but cannot seem to find it.

  • I like to keep (at least for a time) completed tasks in my Inbox, is there a way to sort that the uncompleted actions are on top until I clean them out? They seem to be in a random configuration and I cannot tell how they are sorted currently. And is there anyway to possibly color coat actions in my inbox to also help sort them?

  • Is there a way an Inbox Action I create gets an automatic due or review date? I notice the option for projects when it comes to Review dates but not inbox actions. I work in a very fast paced environment and often quick-create these actions so I have a track record of them and being auto-reminded about them would be perfect!

  • This could be user error, but is there a way for review to notify me that I have projects that are requesting review? It may simply be because I am new to the software and do not instinctively check the tab but this morning I had multiple projects waiting to be reviewed but the software didn’t “notify me” of that.

If these aren’t possible thats okay, since I was lurking around the forums I’d thought I would ask. Thank you for any information!