New user, newbie, beginner forum. Find learning resources

Hi all,

I am a new user trying to learn the OmniFocus ecosystem. My question for this forum is whether anyone has ever considered creating an additional forum for new user questions, to cover all OmniFocus platforms.
My initial struggle has been to understand the most efficient learning path for OmniFocus. It seems it would be helpful to new users, casual passers-by, vaguely interested potential customers to know this. I have purchased one of the 3rd party teaching courses, but first had to put in several hours deciding how best to proceed.
I have in mind the concept of “beginners teaching beginners”-what paths were rewarding, what path dead ends. The key point is that you are only a beginner briefly, and it’s worth documenting that mind-state for the next beginner.
I am now on day 6 of a 15 day free trial of OmniFocus, trying all platforms- MacOs on MacBook, iOs on iPhone, iPad, and web-based on PC. So far I am very happy and will likely purchase a cross-platform subscription-we’ll see.

Later on 4/18/2022: I think I have found a simple solution that makes use of the existing structure. If I use the magnifying glass search icon at the top of the forum pages and search for the word “newbie”, a common US slang term for a beginner or new person, I can find most of the posts I want with only a few I don’t want sprinkled in. I will work with that.

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