New Version 3.1.1

Just upgraded to version 3.1.1 on my Mac. I am now unable to sync. What am I doing wrong?

Are you getting any error messages? Can you see any information in the sync preferences that indicates the problem? Are you syncing with the Omni sync server?

Yes, I am using the server. The message is simply that sync failed.
Let me try again and revert.

Latest message is “Cannot read sync database”

This happened to me and it was down to my firewall. The new version is seen as a new app so you have to re-open the connection. Hope this helps!


Like @dangerousdaze mentioned, it could be an issue with Little Snitch or similar application.

Are you able to sync the database on iOS?

Yep, it was Little Snitch. :) I also had a problem with TripMode when I was connecting to the internet through my phone.