Newbie question: see all actions for all tags

Within OF3 for Mac How can I view all tags with all actions available within each? I’m looking to generate a list of all my next actions categorized by tags. Currently, I have to click each one, view the tasks, then click the next, etc. Thanks!

click on the ‘tags’ item in the sidebar. go to the ‘view’ menu and select ‘expand all’, then in the tag list in main window highlight the top tag and from the ‘edit’ menu select ‘select all’ so all tags are highlighted. finally in the main pane, where your tasks are listed select the top item and again, from the ‘view’ menu click ‘expand all’. that should result in all your tags and their projects and tasks visible (depending on how the view options (‘eye’ icon) are set.

By default the ‘Tags’ perspective/view shows all tags with their actions. If a specific tag is selected in the tag hierarchy in the left pane, click again on the ‘Tags’ view icon in the leftmost sidebar to unselect it and show all tags again.

@kened, That worked perfectly! Now I can see everything organized by tag. TY!

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Also, the OF3 customer support provided this tip that works too: click the “Tags” perspective icon in the sidebar a second time after navigating to the perspective to change the view to it’s default state.

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