Newbie Repeating Task Question


I have a project (the project itself has no defer/due dates and is a parallel project) and within that project I’ve got a few tasks that repeat. When I look at forecast, however, it only shows the repeating tasks once. For example, one task is set for the 16th and will repeat every three days … I thought that the days subsequent to the 16th would appear in the forecast. I even took a task out of the project and made it standalone (if that’s the right term) but it would still only show once. How should I set it up so that the forecast shows repeating tasks?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Yeah — can see why you’d think that might happen but that’s not how OF works. Repeating tasks get “recreated” when the current instance is marked completed. It is ultimately more flexible — you can specify for example whether the next instance occurs relative to the date of completion of the previous one, or relative to a fixed date in the calendar (which can be useful for instance if you were a day or so late completing this one but don’t want the lag carried forward)

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Okay, thanks for that clarification.

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