Newbie to omnifocus

I was wondering how many users out there get bombarded with information from Asian Efficiency and if so, how many of you actually use/follow the information and get the premium forum book?


I’m not sure where you’re getting bombard with AE ads. I’ve found the book helpful. There are also other sources such as David Sparks’ OmniFocus Video Field Guide and Kourosh Dini’s Creating Flow with OmniFocus that has helped tremendously. The web site also has numerous articles on OmniFocus.

You can get a lot of OmniFocus info from the Asian Efficiency web site but it will take you a while to compile it into a workflow. The AE OmniFocus Premium Posts conveniently places it all into one book and flows from one section to the next to help guide you.

I bought the AE OmniFocus Premium Posts it helped to accelerate my understanding of how OF works and eliminated many hours of personal experimentation.

Just about any of these resources will help you boost your productivity workflow. Pick one. It just happened that the AE Posts was one of the first OF guides to come out. So that’s what I bought.


I am still relatively new to OmniFocus. I have purchased many of the third party offerings. I have to say that the best ROI I got was Tim Stringer’s Learn OmniFocus website. I won’t gush about why, just pointing out that I found his site/content the most helpful in going from Newbie to Novice to Wherever I am just now.

Hi Wilsonng,
Yes, well my words like bombarding are probably overstated…

Thanks very much for your reply, you have given me a lot to go on with, and I think for me, first jump into OF and wanting to get things sorted pretty much instantly, but that is a little unrealistic.

Really appreciate your tips and pointers.

Kind regards

Hi Coachdan007,
Thanks for the website name, have just gone there now and lots of info there :-)

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Glad to hear it! After you have digested all the free material, I will tell you that the subscription content is well worth it. IMHO.

Good luck with your OF ramp up.



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I think the resources that helped me the most were actually all the support material around GTD philosophy and methodologies themselves (which in turn gave me ideas like “Hey, I know how I could do that in OmniFocus!”).

I would highly recommend the free trial of GTD Connect from the Getting Things Done website, and take in the webinars and white papers there as a start. I thoroughly enjoy the GTD Live audio program (the two day seminar), as well as the audio programs on Managing Projects and the Weekly Review.

I am not associated with Davidco or GTD, just saying these were the resources that I found most underpinned my development of my workflows. :)

Cheers, and good luck!


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yup, all tips offered here are very helpful. Since I absolutely enjoy how he is presenting things, David Sparks’ presentations here and here shall not remain unnamed as well as some stuff by Merlin Mann

There’s one thing learning these things, but these really help to get a feel for right application.

BTW, the reason it takes so long to take all these influences in and come up with “your” workflow is that yours is different from anyone else’s. Heck, maybe on the way you discover GTD is not for you? It will not matter, you will have a better understanding of the problem and thereby be closer to the solution through the process. OmniFocus doesn’t check for GTDness of your method, but it benefits from it on application.


@mat_rhein great post.

Thank you all for your help, really appreciate it, and given me loads to get on with :-)