Next Actions to a Single action

I use Omnifocus Pro on my iPhone .
I will be honest that I have not yet mastered the art of using omnifocus effectively and only felt comfortable after downloading the pro version last week.

I do have a lot of actions set-up in my Single Action project.
What I realised is that I need to define sub actions for each of the single actions first and then plan how I tackle each sub action . If I do not have sub actions I do seem to complete the task and its left hanging . Its more like I need to break down the action into sub tasks first and define due dates etc for each sub task. I then go along with my Today prospective .

Is there a prespective I can set-up to check which actions do not have sub-tasks identified ? or is there a better way of managing my single actions with sub tasks which I feel are big enough to be called a project

If these so-called single actions require more than one step, you’d probably be better off making them projects. Would that not work for you?

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