NFC to complete a task

Good evening

I am looking for a solution where I could scan an NFC sticker and it would look for a specific task in my OmniFocus database called take meds and mark it as complete. Is that possible?
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Would you be scanning the sticker with a Shortcut or Launch Center Pro? And would this task have a constant task ID?

I suspect the problem you’ll run into with such a (repeating or repeated) task as “Take My Meds” is getting a handle on the task.

(Just trying to decompose the problem into pieces - as I’d like to use the technique to shift due date on regular tasks.)

Martin thanks for your reply, yes I would be scanning the Sticker with Shortcuts. I think i can find the task since it is a repeating task I can find the task the issue is how to mark a task compleat with automation

If it’s a repeating task do you really want to mark it complete?

Yes my idea would be take meds scan the sticker that would mark that task as done until the next day when the process would start over

That sounds more like Defer than Complete. Unless you want to tally the streak. (Which the Tally app on iOS might help you with.)

I don’t think you can mark an item as complete using Shortcuts. You could scan the tag to open the item and mark it as complete manually, though.

I had to use Reminders (I use it for simple recurring tasks like that) and Toolbox Pro to accomplish what you’re looking for, when me and my wife had to give meds to my daughter.

thank you all for your responses, it seems odd that shortcuts cannot mark a task as done to me,

but I will check out reminders that is a good suggestions