No clean button on iPhone?

I love the clean button to refresh view contents on the iPad version of OF 3 but why would this be left off iPhone?

There’s no space for it and it’s also not as important on the phone as the inspector is modal. (On iPad in early betas it was very easy to lose an item if you, for example, changed its defer date.)

The iPhone screen is fairly small, which is why it’s not there. But pull to refresh also does the cleanup on the iPhone.

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Thanks Rosemary did not know about pulling down.

There’s a whole row of unused space between the view icon and the edit command though, so there’s plenty of space for a button.

That space gets used by the perspective name when you scroll down, though, so I think it’s reserved for that.


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Nonsense, there’s room for it, can it at least be an option?

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