No Context count wrong

The No Context count gives me 9 remaining. But doesn’t display any tasks. Not even if I select All on the View filter. The count varies apparently there’s 1 available out of 9 remaining, or 9 in total.

This is, I suspect, because I recently changed some contexts to enable better single key entry. So ‘Telephone’ became ‘Phone’ as I had lots of contexts starting with ‘T’ but none begining with ‘P’.

But I can’t for the life of me find out how to correct this. I’ve tried looking for items with one of the ‘old’ contexts - e.g. ‘Mac’ which has now been renamed ‘Computer’.

I’ve tried archiving everything up to yesterday (even though I don’t want to archive). I’ve created a test dummy item with no context. It appears in the no context list and the count increases to 10. I delete it, it disappears and the count goes back to 9

Whatever I try the No Context count is stubbornly stuck at 9 invisible items.

Rebuild Database doesn’t make any difference.

All the other Contexts seem to count correctly.

Any ideas?

Hey there. I was having this same problem, so I emailed support about it and got this helpful answer:

In OmniFocus Prefs on your Mac, under Organization, is the “In perspectives without project hierarchy: Include projects and groups” box unchecked? I think that would explain what you’re seeing; it appears that we don’t take that pref into account when generating the counts.

Indeed this was the case, and it explained the mismatched counts. Give it a try?

I then replied to put in the following request. You might consider emailing something similar to, so that this issue gets some attention and hopefully is sorted out.

Can I please put in a request for taking the “In perspectives without project hierarchy: Include projects and groups” preference into account when generating the counts for the header in the contexts outline view? I would like to keep projects and groups hidden in perspectives without project hierarchy. But I would also like those counts to accurately reflect the number of actions shown (and not include the projects and groups which I’ve chosen to hide from this view).

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Most useful, I have just been faced with the same puzzle and the advice solved it. Thanks for sharing.