No Due date drop downs in main window?

In a New Action field, you can quickly add Context or Project through drop down menus but further along the field, we don’t have that option in the Due Date section - you need to type it in or use the Inspector. Any reason for that? (I’d love to losing real estate to the Inspector by keeping it closed and just use the tools in the New Action field.)


Yeah, I never, ever know the date of a week from this coming Wednesday so this would be nice to have back.

In cases like that, you should be able to just type “Wednesday” and OmniFocus 2 will do the right thing. Also, “fuzzier” words like “Today”, “Tomorrow”, and even “Yesterday” - though why one might need that…

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I’m also in favor of having the date picker in the Action pane.

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+1 for a date picker.

@jtinsky (hi stranger) I actually modified my date format on my Mac system settings to display the day of the week as a default, precisely for this reason --so I can see at a glance what day of the week a task is due.

this only works if english is your native language, OF doesn’t know days in other languages. I do, but this involves language shifting in my mind when quickly entering a new task.

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