No Focus in OmniFocus (Standard)?

Just a point of musing here … I noticed when looking through the Help that one of the features of OmniFocus that is only in the Pro version, is Focus!

How did that choice come about? It seems a bit curious.

In OmniFocus, each perspective offers its own focusing techniques: in Projects, you can select projects and folders in the sidebar to focus on tasks in that area; in Contexts, you can focus on contexts; in Forecast, you can focus on specific days or weeks or weekdays or weekends.

The Focus feature in Pro lets you combine a folder or project focus with the other types of focus—it’s a way to customize a perspective’s focus even further. We think it’s very useful, of course, which is why we implemented it—but it’s an advanced feature that we’ve never offered in our iOS apps (and has rarely been requested there), even though those apps are still very much OmniFocus apps. (Even without the “Focus” feature, those apps still let you focus on your tasks in many different ways!)

Hope that clears things up a little!

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