No response from OF Support

Is anybody else having trouble getting a response from Support for OmniFocus 3? I know they’ve been super busy with the beta and then the main release, but…

I have been emailing them about a single issue since the last-stage beta and into the main release this week. My first email was September 10 and most recently today. I only received an auto-reply to my first email.

Perhaps they’re just totally overwhelmed, and I should just sit tight? Maybe my emails got lost in the system?

I dunno. Does anyone have any insight?

Same same here. Have an open case because my perspectives don’t show the same tasks between IOS and MacOS.

Yeah, I’m trying to be patient and understanding, but at the same time - it’s a pretty serious issue, one that’s made it hard to truly evaluate OF3, and my Pro trial is up this weekend!

Not that, of course, I won’t ultimately go to OF3, but it does give me pause before updating my whole system. I’d like all the kinks worked out before I take the plunge.

For reference, this is my issue.

In the auto-reply from The Omni Group, there is usually an emergency address if you need quicker response. If you haven’t got that, you might have sent your e-mail to their beta testing address.

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Thanks @Jan_H, you make a good point.

Originally, I was emailing the beta testing address, from which I initially received the auto reply. Once the main release hit, I started cc:ing the main support email address, but did not receive the auto reply at that point. It occurs to me that it was still assigned a beta case number, and perhaps got archived (or otherwise lost)?

So this morning I initiated a new support email, and then effectively forwarded the old thread to that. I immediately received a new auto reply from the main support line, with a new case number.

So maybe that did the trick. Fingers crossed and thanks for the tip!

Update, for anyone else having the same issue. I heard from Support!

Since I was originally emailing the Beta Support email, once the main release hit, my email got lost in the transition.

They said they were implanting measures so this doesn’t happen to others, but if you still haven’t heard from them - try sending a new email to the main OF support email =

I forwarded my old thread, but they were also able to “revive” it on their end.

Good luck to anyone else!