No web, no Win10, no mas

No drama here. I’ve been using OmniFocus on all platforms since before they were released as 1.0 products. I was at a GTD seminar this week and the majority of digital GTD users were OmniFocus loyalists.

I live in a Windows world at work and the friction caused by bouncing between my work life and Mac world came to a head over the past couple of weeks. I’m almost done moving out of OmniFocus and into Todoist.

You really notice all of the elegant touches in OmniFocus when you move to another product. You notice how sophisticated it is and how powerful. But I can do about 85% of what I need to do in Todoist. It’s available on all platforms. And I can integrate it directly into Outlook at work. I’m already missing little comfortable details in the Mac version of OmniFocus, but having Todoist instantly available along with all my projects makes up for those details.

So, thanks for a great 10 year relationship! I’ve certainly gotten more than my moneys worth from OmniFocus.


Thanks for sharing. My work world periodically threatens to move towards Windows and each time it doesn’t, I’m relieved to not have to give up all this good Mac software. Web-based is functional, but not much more.

I do hope that the current “Microsoft renaissance” will inspire some new third-party developers to make beautiful and useful software for that platform. The UWP tools are definitely good enough to make it possible.

Thanks for sharing Dave.

I am a GTD’er in a similar position. I’m surrounded by Windows at work and using my iPhone to organize my productivity.

A web interface would make staying with OmniFocus a no brainer for me.


For now, I am able to use an iPad Air 2 with OmniFocus 2 installed. I did this to bulletproof myself in the event that I have to work in a Windows only environment.

When an app goes online on the web, it won’t be able to take advantage of device-specific features. For example, you wouldn’t be able to use the camera on your computer or iPad/iPhone. It might take some more work to get the web app to sync with your calendar. You won’t be able to use Siri to capture tasks. There are tradeoffs to be made when going to a web app version. You’ll get a homogenized version that will have enough common core features but unable to take advantage of specific device features.

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I’ve tried several times jumping to Todoist and it’s never stuck. I had data/todo list integrity issues and once that trust is broken - you lose faith in the product. I’m in a windows office environment and I (1) use my iPad with omnifocus (2) occasionally remote desktop into my home imac to use more sophisticated features of Omnifocus and (3) enter tasks in Outlook and have Omnifocus auto import those tasks. It’s not ideal, but it works.

If you’re willing to give up a little trust, you could always try where a talented developer has started to create a web interface. I have sensitive data, so couldn’t go the distance, but it’s an option.

Best of luck with Todoist and I hope it works out for you.

I just wanted to let you know I’m working on unofficial web interface for OmniFocus tasks: maybe it’ll suit your needs


Very impressive. I’ll take a look at it. The Omni Group certainly doesn’t owe me a web interface. I haven’t run into any data integrity issues yet with Todoist. The lack of configurability is just part of the deal when moving to the web, so there are always tradeoffs. For me, having it integrated on the same machine into Outlook provides more value than bringing my iPad to work. So, we’ll see how it goes for the next 6 months. It’s what I need, not what I want…

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Can you provide a brief run down of your Outlook to OmniFocus workflow? Tasks to OF. Would love to see that solution.

Not going to blow your mind with this rudimentary workflow:

  • First, my iphone is connected to my work exchange server. I have Omnifocus set up to auto import reminders that are on that server using the “reminders capture” feature. As a result, I can type in an unlimited number of tasks in Outlook and let them auto import into OF
  • Once or twice a day, I will take a few minutes to then take all of these new inbox items and organize / add due dates, etc via my iphone or ipad. Problem here is that the software falls flat because you cannot bulk edit action items.
  • If I have too many action items, I will remote log into my home computer using Chrome Remote Desktop. This is where I will use the power features associated with the MacOS version of the software (ala multiple task editing, etc.).

I have several other things that I do through drafts, workflow, hazel, scripts, etc. to automate as much as humanly possible. So my workflow is much more than the bullets above (beyond Outlook).

Hodak, do you have a place where you post the updates/changes to webfocus. I tried it a few months ago and liked what I saw, but it didn’t have features that I needed (at that time). Would love to see what changes you make over time in the event I decide to dip my toes again. Great work btw.

Thank you! I did have that same workflow in place awhile back but found it clunky. switched over to MaiDrop. However, I think I’m going to try again with the Tasks -> Reminders.

Sorry, I don’t have a changelog. I don’t know when was the last time you tried it; some “bigger” stuff I added

  • due / defer dates
  • flagged perspective
  • forecast perspective

Hi Hodak, when you say you added due/defer dates, do you mean that those can be edited within webfocus? Or just that they will display what was set within Omnifocus?
Also, I’d be interested to talk to you about your development plans. Let me know where best to reach you.

Hi, no, they’re still uneditable from webfocus. It will change with inspector, but unfortunately it’s delayed. It’s best to write to me through contact form in webfocus (bottom-right corner)