Non-center Line tool alignment?

Is there any way to align the end of the line being not at the center of the object?

I know I can add an anchor point and bend the line, but if I move projects, the line looses it’s position.

I’m not quite sure I understand your question. Do your lines terminate on objects?

If so, and you have OmniGraffle Pro, you can add magnets to the shape. Lines that terminate on a shape will attach themselves to the closest magnet. You can also terminate a line on a specific magnet rather than on the shape itself.

Can I readjust the magnets somehow? Or are they fixed?

The magnets are not in the place I want them to be, no matter which setting.

Yes, you can place magnets manually using the Magnet tool. Expand the Tools palette on the toolbar to see it:

Then click on the shape where you’d like the magnet to appear:

Hover over an existing magnet before dragging to pick it up and move it. Option-click on a magnet to remove it.

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