Non empty perspective


I have a perspective with the following definition

When there are no tasks, which meet those criteria, I get a list of all tasks. Very confusing.

Why could that be?

I believe all/most other perspectives stay empty, as I’d expect them to.

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Under filters, you’re filtering for active contexts, which would exclude anything ‘on hold’. Change it to filter ‘on hold’ items and your actions should display.

Then let me try to be a bit more clear (nostadnayr, you haven’t got it either ;-) )

Here is the perspective, when one task meets the criteria.

And here is the perspective, after I have completed that very task

A lot more tasks, which have nothing to do with the definition

Hi @sandrok! Thanks for using OmniFocus.

We tested a bit, and were able to reproduce this behavior with a custom perspective configured in the same way as yours. I’m assuming that your Waiting context is Active, instead of the default On Hold status — is that true?

If so, we think that when you first look at the perspective (when one item is visible), you should see Waiting selected in the sidebar. However, since the perspective is showing contexts in the sidebar and filtering on Active items, only contexts with items will appear in that sidebar — so when you check off that one item, Waiting has no Active items, and disappears from the sidebar.

Since Waiting isn’t in the sidebar anymore, it can’t be selected, so the sidebar now has an empty selection. Without a sidebar selection, OmniFocus defaults to showing you all the contents of every item in the sidebar — in this case, all Active items left in your database. Does that match up with what you’re seeing?

We’re a little curious about the goal of this perspective. If you let us know some more about what you’re trying to use this perspective for, we might be able to suggest some configuration tweaks to help out!


Hi @tekl!

That is true, Waiting is an active perspective.

And yes, that is exactly what is happening here :-)

What is the culprit then in one sentence?
That I am using a perspective without the project hierarchie (i.e. context based perspective), where in the selected contexts are not available tasks?

What am I trying to accomplish?
That perspective is supposed to show all items, which I am waiting for. Payments received? Answers to emails received? Is the book, that I borrowed back? All with defer dates usually. And then I am checking it daily, see if another item has come active and can then either tick it off or trigger an appropriate next task.

Thanks! :-)

Ah, that makes sense! Then I think the “culprit” is the Active filter on contexts. If nothing is active in your Waiting context, it won’t appear at all in the sidebar, which leads to this behavior.

What happens if you change just the context filter to Remaining instead of Active? Does it behave more like you expect?

Yes, that did indeed do the trick! Thanks a lot :-)

nostodnayr was very close to the solution after all…

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