Not able to open attached files

Since day one I am unable to open attached files on the iPad. There’s just a thumbnail showing an icon of an app that is able to open that kind of file. When I push the icon nothing happens.

I don’t have this issue on the iPhone. There it shows a preview of the file’s content and opens it perfectly after tapping on it.

Do you guys have the same problem?

Hi Thomas,

I don’t have the problem per se… I can open the attachments and preview them in the pane on the right side. However, I can’t then open them directly in another app.

For example, I have an email that I have added to my inbox… It has a PDF attachment that I want to edit as part of the task associated with the message. I can preview the PDF, however, I cannot then open it directly into another app (PDF Expert) to mark it up and send it off via mail.

Is that what you are having issues with?


Hello Mike,

thanks for replying and sharing.

I can open and preview attachments on my Mac and on my iPhone only. On my iPad I’m just seeing a huge icon of the standard app that would be able to open that kind of file (e.g. GoodReader for PDFs).

When tapping that icon, nothing happens. No preview, no “Open with…” menu, nothing.

I don’t think the issue is OF’s fault (alone). My impression is that other apps “hinder” OF to preview or open the attachment in its iOS 8 standard app. I believe that’s an assignment problem.

I have no idea how to fix that on my own. There is no end-user tool to assign file types to specific apps. Hope OmniGroup is aware of the issue and is able to address it properly.

Would be interesting to know if I am the only user having that issue.

EDIT: Here is a screenshot that shows how the preview looks like:

Hey @Thomas, same here… Actually never threw anything bigger than a link into the attachment area, evernote or dropbox handle these things much better if you ask me- but that are just my two cents ;-)…

Lieben Gruß,


Hallo Matthias,

thanks for confirming. Good to know.

And yes, that’s the way I work around it, too. I just copy DevonThink Pro Office x-links into the note field.

But from time to time I find it useful to throw a single file into OmniFocus without already having it synced throughout my DTPO / DT2Go data bases.

This issue should be fixed ASAP.

Beste Grüsse,

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