Not show inspector on inbox only / flag count in project sidebar

Hello everyone,

i would like that my inbox be as much about stuff that needs to processed, and so I have as custom columns (removed flag button) while everything else in omnifocus is fluid.
What I would like to do also, and doesn’t look possible, it to hide the inspector only in inbox and show it in all other perspectives (incluind context, projects, and so on) - is this possible?

Another question is about the sidebar in projects:

  • In the project sidebar we get numbers regarding the due soon and overdue tasks for each project. Is it possible to show in the same sidebar the number of flagged tasks inside each project or at least see in a different colour the flagged project?

All the best


Hi Alex,

  1. The inspector has only Show/Hide for the app overall, so it isn’t something you can set in a perspective. The one exception is you can check “Open in a New Window” in your perspective so that you can control that window (for example, close the inspector) differently than your main project Window. I added a feature request for you to make this a settable default.

  2. The sidebar badges include flagged items or not based on what you pick in preferences, but there is not a seperate badge count. I added a feature request for you to visually show the flagged item count. Sorry that this isn’t currently possible. One workaround that you might try is setting a perspective that groups by flagged (then sort by whatever is sensible), which makes it easier to see the flagged items. You could also start trying various settings with the included “Flagged” perspective to see what works best for those items. Thank you for using OmniFocus and for your suggestions!